Eureka Forbes(Aquaguard GENEUS)-Booster Pump and service issues
Vasu Dh Jan 30, 2017 at 05:01 pm
1) Every time the technician comes demanding for service charges as the product was purchased online from AMAZON though it was under warranty. 2) After making 20 to 30 calls to customer care and posting in FB and You tube at last Technician attended at 2.20 pm on 30th jan 2017 against my complaint on 23rd Jan 2017. As I purchased the machine on line he demanded for service charges.As the machine is under warranty I refused to pay. He told booster pump has to be replaced.He also told me he will not come again. He has not solved my issue. what to do? I purchased and installed Aquaguard geneus on 15th nov 2016. within one month the booster pump stopped working.After trying for more than a week with customer care continuously got the booster pump replaced with a less capacity one by the technician. It's capacity is 600 ml/min and the one I got with the machine is 1.6 Litres/min. That day itself I refused to give back the damaged original booster pump which came along with the aquaguard Geneus and it is still with me. As you replaced sub standard booster pump again I am suffering for the last 8 days without having safe water. you have to pay me Rs 240/- per day towards mineral water charges for my family till you repairs the machine as it is your fault. Hence I am requesting you to replace a booster pump with a capacity of 1.6 lt/min at the earliest and pay me Rs 240/- per day towards mineral water for my family from 23rd Jan 2016 to till you repair the machine. contact nos 8179456656, 9676538016
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