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Nickthomson Jul 07, 2018 at 06:07 pm
Their ico software might seem very attractive and all the "reasonable cost" entry was such an awesome. In first, I got a contract/service agreement when we started! I was too inexperienced to realize that, then they were never delivering anything according to the timeline. They had always skipped an extra day or with excuses to respond my messages and emails which make everything twice delayed. Then their extra modules were even more ridiculous, cause you get them expired after a month and you have to keep purchasing it! You weren't even taught how to install them! Another problem, they never ever responded to your issues, they simply ignored you, and when they did they'd always come up with quotations - but the issues were supposed to be fixed weren’t they??? The product never worked it took me 3 times longer than expected to have a product not even complete in the end.
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