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Benefits to Consumer

  1. You can file a Complaint online against any Merchant.
  2. You can write a Review against any Merchant.
  3. You can track the status of your Complaint filed.
  4. You can receive messages from Merchant against whom you have filed complaints or written review through our messenger facility.
  5. You can contact Merchant through our messenger facility.
  6. You can review notifications on your comments posted on your complaint or review.
  7. You can comment on any Complaint or Review.
  8. You can Flag any Review.

Benefits to Merchant

  1. You can regularly receive all the complaints & reviews automatically in your account.
  2. You can contact and interact with complainants & review writer through our messenger facility.
  3. You can post your reply on the review written & complaint filed.
  4. You can keep all the records of complaints & reviews at one place.
  5. You will regularly receive emails & notifications in your account as when complaints are filed & review are written.
  6. You can enhance your brand & business reputation through management of complaints filed & review written.
  7. Saving of huge time & cost with regard to management of complaints & reviews.